Blog: Dave LeggettAttracting investment

Dave Leggett | 19 May 2003

I've accepted an invitation to give an opening address next month at a training conference for government representatives and agencies interested in learning about global investment forces and how they can best attract investment to their country, region or city. The auto industry is one of the case studies and I'll give an opening presentation on the forces at work affecting investment flows in the auto industry globally and that will be followed by speakers from Ford and the Welsh Development Agency looking at how they have worked together in the past and some of the issues involved. That could be an interesting session - Ford has invested quite a bit in making engines at Bridgend, South Wales. The delegates should be a lively bunch. As well as coming from some of the usual and some of the not so usual European industrial areas, organiser John Hanna tells me that there will be one from Madeira and one from Iceland. A couple of delegates from South Africa will be there too.


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