Blog: Dave LeggettAttending a conference

Dave Leggett | 20 October 2008

I'm in Westminster tomorrow attending a conference being hosted by research organisation Automotive World. At least I think I am attending. The last email I could find about the event said I should await 'joining instructions'. But I don't seem to have them. What does that mean, I wonder? Joining instructions? How complicated can it be? Past experience of these things suggests you rock up, get given a delegate pack, spend five minutes lancing your jacket lapel with a name badge, grab a coffee and take a seat to listen to proceedings. Are we abseiling in through the windows? If there's a plane to catch and a parachute jump, I'll have to give it a miss.

Joking aside, the programme looks interesting and I might well learn something about oil.

The Global Oil Paradox: Transforming the Automotive Industry


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