Blog: Dave LeggettAT Kearney, Indego and Martin Leach

Dave Leggett | 18 May 2004

I’m up to AT Kearney’s Berkeley Sq, central London, offices later this afternoon for a meeting with ATK’s Steve Young to talk about their ‘Indego’ concept. Indego is the name given to a ‘Next Generation Car Company’ concept that they have been working on at ATK, along with ex-Ford’s Martin Leach (well, he’s had some spare time this year).

Steve seems pretty keen to meet up and get some publicity for this thing. It sounds interesting – they’re claiming that this new business model could produce a company providing a ‘mobility package’ to customers who would pay just $8.50 a day. And there would be a return on sales of 22% versus 6-16% currently achieved by the industry.

Given this industry's tendency towards inertia, I suspect that a brave outsider with a recognised brand and entrepreneurial spirit would have to come in and do this. A few years ago I’d have wondered, say, about Richard Branson’s Virgin brand, but now I’m not so sure after the mess he’s made of the trains in England where Virgin has won tenders to operate.

But is Indego a real goer? I’ll post some impressions in here tomorrow.

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