Blog: Dave LeggettAstra production in Russia

Dave Leggett | 28 October 2003

I see the news has emerged today that GM and AvtoVAZ will definitely make the old model Astra in Russia as part of the JV they have there - thus adding a second model line to the Chevy Niva SUV. That's good to hear and confirms something we reported as far back as the end of last year. Well, to be more accurate, our correspondent Ryan Tutak did.

He's doing fine out in Budapest by the way. I heard from him recently and he's been pretty busy, though he hasn't had a lot of time for regular journalism over the past year. Hopefully, we'll hear more from him in 2004, as he has some great sources in Eastern Europe. Which reminds me of the time back in 2000 that Daewoo Motor threatened to sue just-auto after Ryan had been doing some digging and uncovered some doubts being expressed by then DM managers in Eastern Europe that GM would actually want their dilapidated production capacity. We stuck by him and the story and they backed down 100%. And did GM want DM's Eastern European production capacity? Of course not.


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