Blog: Dave LeggettAstra at Trollhattan

Dave Leggett | 14 March 2006

It would appear that some slightly odd remarks are coming out of GM Europe at the moment. I wouldn't imagine that GM is seriously contemplating making the next Astra in Sweden, but it does keep the pressure on other GM Europe plants. Funny that Trollhattan is being lauded as 'super productive'. Why did it lose out on next generation Epsilon to Russelsheim then and why is it facing a future as a lower volume catch-all for various European niche models? To see Trollhattan being used politically like this seems to underline a lack of commitment to Saab that has been evident at GM for some time now. What should Trollhattan be making? Saabs of course.

GERMANY: Saab Trollhattan also being considered for next Astra


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