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Dave Leggett | 1 September 2006

This time of the year can be slow for news in the auto industry, so I guess news reporters, commentators and pundits with a brief to follow the auto industry should be grateful for the fuss and fizz over what is going on at Ford with PAG.

Global Insight's Thomas Ryard has some interesting thoughts on how Aston is being used as bait (click here). It's plausible stuff and a part of me hopes that there are smart people at Dearborn playing some smart games (it's not all spiralling out of control, people in a bit of a lather, panic button pressed). This is Ford Motor Company we are talking about.

A rather more basic view is encouraged by a report in Britain's CAR magazine suggesting that two non-automotive luxury groups are already vying to get control of Aston Martin. As I remarked to a colleague a moment ago, there could be a whole load of automotive consultants rubbing their hands at the prospect of advising such an owner. 'They wouldn't know what to do, where to start,' I said. 'But then, do the people in the industry know what they are doing? Look at the mess they make,' was the doom-laden response. He has a point. And if Bez sticks around, it can pretty much run itself operationally. The new owner concentrates mainly on brand stuff and watching the bottom line.

And on that cheery note...

Small glass of Aston Moët anyone?

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