Blog: Dave LeggettAston Martin Routemaster

Dave Leggett | 19 December 2008

There has been a competition on to design a contemporary Routemaster bus (the classic red London double-decker bus that was phased out a few years ago and replaced with single deck articulated 'bendy buses'). A team from Aston Martin jointly won it. 

If you follow the below link, there's a pdf that tells you more about the entries.

In the 'imagine' category kids have sent designs in, accompanied by short descriptions.

A ten-year-old apparently wrote this:

"I designed my bus to be eco friendly and comfortable for the passengers inside it. The bus has a hybrid engine powered by bio fuel. My bus has fuel saving tyres; the bus also has a lightweight aluminium streamlined body made out of recycled material."

Bright lad. 

Big red bus


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