Blog: Dave LeggettAston Martin for sale

Dave Leggett | 31 August 2006

Crikey. I didn't expect Aston Martin to be offered up for sale on a plate the way it has been today. The dire financial straits at Ford must be even worse than we have been thinking. Maybe someone in the finance department has come up with some grim looking cash-flow projections, but it looks like Ford wants some cash in - and quickly.

I thought Ford would be keener to hang on to close-to-breakeven Aston Martin - a kind of jewel in the prestige brands crown. If performance brand Jaguar goes after the review, then at least Aston would be left to fly the sports/performance flag in the PAG stable, or so I thought. 

Must be plenty of interest out there in Aston. Cracking brand and plenty of room for expansion from the current miniscule output level (doubled to 4,200 units in '05) if that's the way a new owner would want to go. Or keep it very exclusive and just bask in the Aston Martin halo perhaps. It's certainly been well-run by Ulrich Bez and there's a nice new factory at Gaydon making the DB9 too.

So, Ford hangs on to J-LR, but offloads standalone Volvo and AM? Or, with cash running out, is Ford simply being forced to try and sell whatever it can? No sacred cows now, if there was any doubt. Bleak news.

US: For sale: Aston Martin. Apply Ford


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