Blog: Dave LeggettAs good as it Getz

Dave Leggett | 28 July 2003

There was a Hyundai Getz parked outside our local Safeway the other day - a Hyundai dealer was being proactive and showing the Getz and Trajet off. Myself and my colleague, Graeme Roberts, were out for a lunchtime stroll. We gave the Getz a once-over. We agreed that the Getz looked like a nice supermini for the money and Graeme was impressed with both the styling and the interior (if the discerning Mr R likes a car, that generally means the manufacturer is on the right track). We've a feature from Chris Wright that takes a look at the company's growth strategy - a decision on a European plant for HMC is expected within the next six months or so. Somewhere in Central Europe looks likely if the green light is given. Hyundai finally Getz serious about manufacturing in Europe. I apologise for the appalling puns based on that Getz name, but Hyundai started it. 'As good as it Getz' is Hyundai's own.


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