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Dave Leggett | 1 April 2006

Reely surprising? Before you search for more info on the little known but audacious sounding Reely Motor of Chengdu, do just check the date at the bottom of this article. We have a big media tradition here as part of April Fools Day on April 1st. A day for silly pranks and hoaxes. The idea is to reel people in with fantastic stories that aren't actually true; the trick is to make the absurd sound plausible through skillfull presentation. The BBC did a famous one with the failing Italian spaghetti harvest many years ago, complete with strips of pasta dangling from trees. It's a bit of fun on one day of the year.

Mind you, an unknown emerging out of China isn't exactly out of the question is it? But making mass-market cars on the Isle of Man probably is.

Incidentally, some of the details in the article about the Isle of Man are actually true (and those three legs in the article image do in fact make up the delightfully quirky Manx flag). Lovely place to visit or to race a motorcycle, or watch people racing motorcycles (if they don't kill themselves). Not terribly practical for car manufacturing though.

EXCLUSIVE: UK: Chinese vehicle maker to invest in Isle of Man car plant


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