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Dave Leggett | 13 October 2004

Deepesh Rathore, one of our guys in India, has sent me an e-mail that included a small aside that perhaps illustrates that things go on in places like India that aren't exactly always done by the normal rule book. Well, you probably already knew that..

From Deepesh's mail:

"The Indian automotive industry sources steel from various suppliers - Indian and international, big and small. One of the smaller (relatively) suppliers of CRC coils (for skin and body panels) is Bhushan Steel, which, as they have no captive mine of their own like Tata Steel, either makes CRC coils out of HRC coils supplied by Tata Steel or makes steel out of cheap scrap mixed with normal iron. This cheap scrap is the source of the controversy now. To keep costs down, Bhushan has been importing the scrap from places like Somalia, Iraq and some other places not on my sightseeing list at present. It seems that this scrap has been contaminated with a large number of .....rockets, missiles and explosive devices, some of them live. One of these exploded inside the Bhushan Steel plant (located in Ghaziabad near Delhi) killing nine people. Work was stopped and the factory sealed off. The cops then started investigating the scrap used at other neighboring steel plants and since then have recovered a small arsenal of about 600 projectiles. The nationwide scrap search is still going on and the rockets and missiles are still being found, tens of them everyday across the country. The investigating agencies are still clueless if this was just a fluke accident or part of a larger conspiracy. Intriguing!"



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