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Dave Leggett | 6 June 2008

I wasn't aware of this, but a visit to GM's Fastlane Blog (see below posting) has brought me to another GM blog that has recently launched - similar to Fastlane but this time Europe. It's called 'Driving Conversations' and it does indeed seem to be encouraging a genuine looking intelligent dialogue with GM's main man in Europe. And that's the thing, keeping it real - people will soon ignore it if it gets to look like some sort of heavy handed PR tool.

Carl-Peter Forster posts stuff and - apparently - is pretty good at getting back to people who ask him all sorts of questions. The questions and answers make for an interesting read. This is an area where GM certainly deserves a bit of credit for the lead it is showing. 

Here's a flavour in a response by C-P Forster to a question about GM global product development:

Actually, GM is about two or three years ahead of Ford in globalizing its product development organization. In Europe, we're engineering the mid and small front wheel drive vehicles for the globe with two all new global programs launching late this year. Korea has control of the very small passenger cars and SUVs; the US has traditional luxury, large crossovers and trucks; Australia has large rear-wheel-drive and Latin America has mid-trucks and a number of low-cost architectures. We're on a huge product offensive around the globe that is almost entirely passenger car and small cross-over based--despite what you might read in the news about GM being "the truck company!"

(Also, I liked Chris Preuss' use of a Dilbert cartoon in his opening posting.) 

Driving Conversations


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