Blog: Dave LeggettAnother Detroit update

Dave Leggett | 17 June 2004

I managed not to get lost on the Detroit metro roads yesterday, which was nice. After spending time at Automotive Strategy over at Ford's Product Development Centre, I was hoping to meet up with Ron Hesse, who is well known as a provider of intelligence services to the supplier community over here. But unfortunately he's out of town, although we did have a good chat on the telephone.

Today I'm driving down to Indy, and looking at around 5 hours on the road. We've had some thunderstorms last night, but it looks like the weather will clear later this morning. I'm looking forward to Jeremy Burne's event at Indy tomorrow. It will be interesting to see who is there. There are presentations in the morning from MIA people but also David Richards (BAR) and Jackie Stewart. In the afternoon it's off to a VIP suite to watch F1 qualifying session #1 as well as some other practice races. Should be fun.


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