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Dave Leggett | 3 June 2004

One thing about this blog is that a surprisingly large number of people are readers - maybe its a nice diversion from the day job while munching on a donut or a sandwich at the desk. The formula is very simple: I write about anything I want to write about and I've taken a diary-type approach, rather than simply issue a procession of mini-editorials or commentaries. The diary approach is also easy for me to do (and I do have rather more on my plate than just posting in here, honest). One key, I think, is to keep it bite-sized and lively, avoiding turgid rants or lapsing into over-long essays.

There are different types of blog out there of course. One that I quite like is consultant Joe Sherlock's 'view through the windshield'. He wrote me when he started it and I like his style. His blog is a nicely paced mixture of thoughts and musings, drawing on a wide variety of other media sources. Not sure I agree with all that is there or the reasoning behind every posting, but there's nothing wrong with that!

A link to Mr Sherlock's blog is below. I particularly like the header graphic and the disclaimer at the bottom of the page is worth a look - it almost caused me to break out into a full-on chortle. As does the American usage of the word 'geezer'. Here in jolly old England it has a meaning more akin to wideboy or young man on the make, rather than old duffer/sage.

And I am still reeling from my last visit when I learnt that '80s hard rock singer Pat Benatar is now advertising Energizer hearing aid batteries. 

Joe Sherlock's blog


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