Blog: Dave LeggettANE Congress

Dave Leggett | 25 June 2004

I've just had one of those 'bitty' days. Bits and pieces keep getting in the way of the things I want to concentrate on and now I realise that, as the clock ticks past 5:00pm, certain things are a losing battle and have to be rescheduled. Never mind.

On Sunday I will be travelling to Montreux for the Automotive News Europe Congress. I'm looking forward to that, although it's an unpleasantly early start for the Easyjet flight out of London Gatwick.

There are always a few familiar faces at the ANE Congress and it's an agreeable occasion all round. Montreux ain't a bad place to spend a few days either. I believe the event will be held in Barcelona next year, coinciding with the Spanish Formula One Grand Prix. At least that's what one of the Crain marketing chaps told me a while back. I think.

Anyway, whatever you're up to, have a good weekend.


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