Blog: Dave LeggettANE Congress, Prague

Dave Leggett | 30 April 2007

I've booked myself in to Automotive News Europe's annual Congress event at the end of June. This year it's taking place in Prague. I missed last year's in Vienna, but I normally go along and the event is worthwhile. There's usually a good programme and plenty to think about. To be fair to the people at Crain, they do a very good job with events like this. There's a trip to a Skoda plant too. Click the below link for more details.

The event has been staged in Prague before (Good heavens, was it really six years ago?). I recall some very quaffable cheap beer and a bloke in the hotel bar I got talking to who said he was an ex-SAS man and now an adviser to the Czech military which was joining NATO at the time (lots of integration issues for consultants like him, he said). Whether his 'Boys Own' type stories were true or not, they were certainly entertaining. Never smile at a Gurkha you don't know.  

ANE Congress


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