Blog: Dave LeggettANE Congress - Barcelona

Dave Leggett | 3 May 2005

I'm flying to Barcelona early tomorrow morning for the annual Automotive News Europe Congress. There’s a SEAT plant tour in the afternoon and the programme gets going proper on Thursday and Friday. GM Europe’s Carl-Peter Foster and Mercedes-Benz’s Eckhard Cordes are among the presenters. It should be interesting, to say the least, to hear what these guys have to say about their slightly troubled companies. Rest of the programme looks reasonable too and hats off to organisers Crain for trying something a little different with this year's event, i.e. tieing it in with an auto show (Barcelona show is on later this week) and a Grand Prix (Sunday).

This is one of the few events that I make an effort to attend every year - good speakers, good audience and usually a valuable few days taking the temperature of the European auto industry, at all levels. Should be fun too. The informal stuff around the formal conference sessions tends to be busy and I already have a long list of people I need to meet up with. I certainly will do my level best not to get dragged off to one of the impromptu late-night-early-morning bar crawls that some people who attend these things are well known for. I'll perhaps leave that to the young pups and retire early with a mug of cocoa. 

I’ll write up a feature when I am back – but will try and post the odd observation or comment in the blog while I am there.


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