Blog: Graeme RobertsAnd now, the auto news from Nepal...

Graeme Roberts | 27 June 2011

A small first for just-auto today: I don't ever recall having a story from Nepal before.

"Nano will provide freedom and empowerment for people in Nepal caught between inadequate public transport and expensive private vehicles," Johnny Oommen, international business head at Tata Motors, said, as the 'world's cheapest new car' was launched there, albeit with a 240% duty-and-tax hit that about triples what it costs in India.

On my abacus, the Nepalese equivalent of half a million Indian rupees is US$10,800. In perspective, a Maruti 800, essentially the 1980-84 Suzuki Alto and also shipped across from India, is $30,000, making the Nano look like a bargain.



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