Blog: Dave LeggettAnand Mahindra in Davos

Dave Leggett | 28 January 2010

Some helpful folks at the FOX Business Network have sent me a link to a clip of Anand Mahindra being interviewed at Davos. He delivers some interesting views on how the Mahindra & Mahindra Group of companies is organised - it's a 'federation not a conglomerate'.

And the dramatic setting for the interview - the backdrop - is about as good as it gets.

Did you know Mahindra is going to be making Embraer-style jets? It has picked up cheap aerospace company assets in Australia. An advantage with conglomerates is that they can be in a position to quickly add value to a new business through utilising synergies/infrastructure with other parts of the group. Mahindra fingers are clearly going into quite a few pies these days. 

Can't be a bad life for Anand Mahindra washing up at places like Davos to do a bit of PR and marketing (I like his candid comments about getting his IT services company in front of international big business leaders).

Anand Mahindra in Davos


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