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Dave Leggett | 1 June 2007

Mark Bursa recently wrote for us an article about the Anadol - a car made in Turkey a few decades ago. The article attracted a response in the just-auto discussion forums from someone who was very close to that project and events at Koc Group, as well as its relationship with British Reliant (yes, Reliant!). The history is indeed fascinating. 

And here's one to stump your friends. Koc eventually grew apart from Reliant and went in with Ford (a relationship still going strong) to make the Taunus (Cortina) to replace the Anadol, but not before Bertone designers had presented a five-door hatchback proposal for Anadol replacement. The rejected concept went on to become which car? The Citroen BX no less!

Read the thread for yourselves.

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