Blog: Dave LeggettAn unusual momento from Ford's Mulally

Dave Leggett | 2 May 2014

Er, thanks Alan!

Er, thanks Alan!

While writing a comment piece on Alan Mulally's Ford legacy earlier, I was reminded of my meeting with him in his office a few years ago. It was fun. He was fascinating to talk to, of course, but also he was a real live wire. Besides his insistence that I sit at his desk and pose for a slightly cheesy (!) photo, I recall how he enthused over 'One Ford'. We've all got cards explaining the main points of it, he told me. Really?, I replied. "I even have one myself," he said. He dug into a pocket, pulled out a wallet, extracted a card. "Here it is!" He passed it over, beaming. I gazed at it for a few seconds. "Hey, look, I'll even sign it for you!" Which he duly did...and, miracle of miracles, I still have it and have dug it out. An unusual momento of a fun morning.

COMMENT: Alan Mulally's Ford legacy

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