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Dave Leggett | 30 July 2008

Contrary to popular belief just-auto's editor is not some kind of all-knowing oracle when it comes to the history of the auto industry - or anything else come to think of it. Don't get me wrong: I'm not totally ignorant and uneducated. I occasionally read books, watch non-fiction stuff on TV and have even got an honours degree to my name (an economics major with some political theory). All kinds of stuff is stored and jumbled up in my head in no particular order.

I can tell you, for example, the formula for solving quadratic equations and know how to do long multiplication because I learnt those things and they stuck. I was also recently able to impress some colleagues in a trivia quiz that I knew that the capital city of Brazil is not Rio de Janeiro or Sao Paulo - it is in fact Brasilia. Impressive, eh? But we all have a few gaps in our personal knowledge banks don't we?

I came across one such gap in my company knowledge yesterday that I will share here. I was out for lunch with some just-auto contributors for lunch - a Turkish restaurant in London where they do a light and reasonably priced special at lunchtime. 

Anyway, a colleague remarked that the pepper mill on our table had a Peugeot logo on it. That's a bit random, I thought. Left over stock from some weird promotional thing that Peugeot had going on? But no, Peugeot invented the pepper grinder and the company has been involved in their manufacture since 1842. I must confess I had absolutely no idea and that I am also now thinking that I would like to acquire a serious, industrial Peugeot pepper grinder like the one a pro such as Gordon Ramsey probably uses. ('Chef Ramsey then picked up the Peugeot grinder and bashed Edwina Currie on the head with it; paramedics and police immediately attended the scene.')

Did you know that someone at Fiat came up with the first garlic press and an inventor at Hyundai is responsible for the humble egg timer?

Peugeot pepper mills - and saws


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