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Dave Leggett | 29 August 2006

We Brits had a public holiday yesterday, so today is the start of the working week and I have begun with a big flypast of my email inbox over several cups of high-strength coffee. Attention has been immediately drawn to Peter DeLorenzo's latest blast on his Autoextremist blog. Whether you agree with it or not, it's an entertaining read from a guy who has quite a bit of respect as a no-nonsense but informed commentator.

It's also a reminder that bandwagons can easily get rolling in this industry and that if you dig a little bit deeper there may be an alternative and contrary take to the 'conventional wisdom' being spouted almost everywhere you look.

Does Carlos Ghosn really walk on water or is he a one-trick 'slash and burn cost-cutter' who lacks the mindset to run a company after he has slashed costs? DeLorenzo is apparently picking up intelligence on what's happening at Nissan in the US that will be amunition to the sceptics. Judge for yourself at the below link.



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