Blog: Dave LeggettAlchemy and Ford's PAG brands

Dave Leggett | 11 June 2007

There's more than a hint of something going on today with the report that private equity firm Alchemy has put in a bid with Ford for its Jaguar and Land Rover brands. The report in the financial newspaper City AM appears to quote Moulton directly talking about a bid. The flat denial from the Alchemy rep that we got today could be for any number of reasons. The report also includes some detail on which City firms are doing the hawking. I'd be surprised if there isn't anything in it.

The people at Alchemy have looked at automotive companies before, so they would have a good starting point on what they might do to get those two brands profitable (and they are not easily separable, as Moulton himself appears to point out in the interview). 

Does Ford want to sell? It could just be that it is considering all credible offers and will yet decide to hang on to its remaining PAG brands. Or maybe Ford is looking at what has happened at DaimlerChrysler and has drawn a few parallels.

I thought the wind was blowing in the direction of Ford keeping what's left of PAG, though a sale of J-LR has repeatedly not been ruled out altogether when the opportunity to close the subject for good has arisen. One to watch.

BREAKING NEWS [updated 12:00 BST]: UK: Private equity firm denies Jaguar/Land Rover bid


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