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Dave Leggett | 30 December 2009

Terrible weather here. Cold and dark with constant heavy rain. Hard to summon up the enthusiasm to go out and get some fresh air. I've been sucked into doing a little work on the Saab story. There is still some hope over there in Trollhattan. Good luck to them. If a deal of some sort can be done to save Saab, it certainly won't be plain sailing to keep it viable, but there are some good ideas around.

It is still holiday time here. We're officially off work and we're in that limbo period between Chistmas and New Year. What to do? See friends and family. Check. A little PS3 with the offspring? Check, but I don't really do that COD (that's Call of Duty - a military shoot 'em up game) sort of stuff.

There have at least been some welcome online distractions today. Here's a very small selection of YouTube clips that have lightened my mood. What a marvellous thing YouTube is. I'll try and get on to something more cerebral shortly - I do have a pile of chunky books to read. On second thoughts, maybe I'll crack open another can of Guinness and just see where I go with the surfing thing for a little while longer...



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