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Dave Leggett | 7 April 2008

I am no aftermarket geek, but the Automechanika press conference I went to in London on Friday did have me hoping I might be able to squeeze in a visit to Frankfurt at the end of September. It sounds like a truly massive event. There is even an outside area where the car wash people have their car washes in working operation.

'Product piracy' is an interesting one though, in terms of where the lines are drawn. It can quickly get confrontational by the sounds of it, Customs people and solicitors dragged in. Will some exhibitors feel more/less welcome than others? If too much is kept out on piracy grounds, that doesn't mean it has gone away either - it's still out there in the marketplace and maybe it is better to be able to see some of what is going on via the exhibition stands. Tough one to crack.   

UK: Automechanika sets out internationalisation strategy


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