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Dave Leggett | 16 April 2004

After agreeing to give a presentation in South Africa next month (see Blog posting below), I've been having a quick delve into the just-auto archive and I've just come across an article I wrote four years ago. Seems like yesterday that I did it and much of the content is still quite relevant today I think. I wonder what happened to 'Afrokaizen' and similar concepts aimed at bringing 'intermediate technology' low-cost products to the South African market? I seem to recall a plan being floated to bring the old GDR-produced Trabant to Africa. Mind boggling, but I think 'Afro-Trabby' plans sank without trace.

The below link is to that feature penned by yours truly four years ago. How time flies. The column-chart looks a bit odd now though. I was clearly working at the cutting edge of Excel's chart-wizard.


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