Blog: Dave LeggettAdvertising and 'meanings'

Dave Leggett | 4 February 2005

One hesitates to enter the fray on an ad that had obviously stirred things up and hit a few raw nerves. I'd simply say that the Ford ad pulled from Super Bowl, as described in our news item - below link - sounds innocent enough to me. But I guess if some people are interpreting things in a certain way or saying that it could be interpreted in a certain way (and don't get me wrong: those people deserve our every sympathy) then maybe it is best to avoid causing them distress - obviously no-one would want to willingly cause that - and provoking a media furore. Once the furore gets going then plenty of people will climb on to the bandwagon and claim to see the erroneous and unintended connections. Ford has probably been wise to withdraw the ad on those grounds alone. 

I can't help thinking though that we live in strange times and that if we become too sensitive to every possible conceivable erroneous interpretation of anything that could conceivably offend someone out there, that's a dangerous path to go down.


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