Blog: Dave LeggettAdded technology to Roewe

Dave Leggett | 1 November 2006

Interesting to note the deal that SAIC has done with BorgWarner on dual-clutch transmission (DSG) technology - to be first fitted in China on SAIC's reprised Rover 75. It's certainly a sign that SAIC is deadly serious in developing the Roewe 750 and is prepared to invest in improving the product. That Roewe name still seems a little daft, but maybe the product will be reasonable.

Over at Nanjing I hear that it is full steam ahead on the MG TF. Initial philosphy, I understand, is to retain 'Britishness' by using UK suppliers on interior - stuff that customer feels - with under-the-skin (and indeed the skin now that Stadco has sent tooling over) being low-cost, exclusively Chinese preserve. End result aimed for: cut price car in its segment that is supposedly top spec and feels like that. A combination of British 'quality' sports feel and Chinese low-cost industrial strength.   

US/CHINA: Roewe 750 to get BW dual-clutch gearbox


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