Blog: Dave LeggettACEA website makeover

Dave Leggett | 15 May 2007

In the search for the monthly European car sales press release on the ACEA website this morning, I see it has undergone a makeover of sorts. Not sure I like it. There seems to be lots of CO2/environment propaganda in our faces on the home page (yeah, 'eco-driving' will make all the difference I'm sure - keep an eye on those tyre pressures and gear changes folks). The impression given is just a little defensive.

From a design point of view, less cluttered homepages with good navigation are better as far as I'm concerned. By all means have your propaganda on the site and easy to get at, but maybe have a more balanced and slicker looking home page. It's different for us - we're a news-based information provider, so we have to give you hard content up-front. ACEA, in representing the European auto industry, could surely have a more captivating homepage? A little less crude? Something to make you go, 'wow!'? Traffic lights don't do it for me.



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