Blog: Dave LeggettACEA lets in Toyota

Dave Leggett | 11 June 2007

I see the European automakers' trade body ACEA has faced reality and agreed to allow Toyota to join. Toyota's omission had seemed like a strange anomaly, a throwback to the days of Jacques Calvet's anti-Japanese and rather protectionist take on things.

But does Toyota joining ACEA mean that it can opt out of national trade associations in Europe like SMMT, VDA etc? I doubt it.

There are still plenty of benefits in belonging to them as they do a lot of the grunt work (eg in areas like technical standards, data), organise national motor shows and feed into ACEA, which is a mainly political body designed to interface with the EU/EC at a top level in Brussels. It has only a small secretariat and receives support and a certain amount of direction from national trade associations - who still also form an important part of the mix in Brussels as well as in their respective countries.

COMMENT: ACEA admits Toyota into the European fold


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