Blog: Dave LeggettA toast to Russia's market recovery

Dave Leggett | 4 March 2011

Russia's car market is likely to continue to recover this year and interest in the auto industry there will also be on the up. Maybe what's happening with oil will actually be brightening prospects for Russia's economy this year.

If Russia's your bag, there's a conference on in St Pete on June 1 that might be worth attending.

Watch out for the gala dinner though. I'm not averse to a little 'voddy' myself when on business (a flight with Azerbaijan Air springs to mind, as - more randomly - does a slightly mad night at a hotel bar in Strasbourg), but be careful about keeping up with the locals.

Conference organiser Katia Wyatt tells me that the gala dinner is a lot of fun. I'm sure it is. The event being in Russia, there's unlimited vodka on the tables. “Some of the delegates get a bit, well, hammered,” Katia cheerfully informs me.

Now that's perhaps fine for the Russians, because they are well used to it. However, some of the other nationalities are less so. “I get a little concerned, in particular, about the Japanese OEM visitors,” she confides. “They do their best to keep up with the Russian hosts, but they are just not used to drinking vodka in the quantities that the Russians are.”

AutoRussia - The Russian Automotive Conference for the Car Manufacturing Industry


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