Blog: Dave LeggettA sizzling summer offer

Dave Leggett | 3 August 2010

The summer months are upon us, but there has been no discernible slowdown in industry activity that we have seen.

A surge of auto news has seen manufacturers post overwhelmingly positive Q1 and Q2 results - although admittedly from a depleted 2009 comparison. Fiat has been flexing its muscles with its Italian unions, while Geely's finalised purchase of Volvo has been the development of the summer so far.

And of course the imminent launch of Nissan's Leaf will see the electric sector burst onto the scene - and into public consciousness. Will governments support EVs with hard cash? 

In the background, there are some concerns over the direction of automotive markets next year amid talk of double-dip and continuing world economy uncertainties.

It promises to be an interesting autumn and it's all added up to a timely means to flex the proverbial muscle of our new site, which is three-months old this week.

As I hope you will have noticed by now, the changes to our service have been made to deliver far greater levels of comment and analysis to you on a daily basis. News may rapidly be becoming a commodity in the digital age, but quality insight into the implications of industry events is harder to find than ever – unless you are a just-auto subscriber of course.

If you are still hard at work, whilst others in the industry fly off on their annual holidays, we thought it would be a good time to combine celebrating the first quarter of our new site, with a gentle pat on the back to those readers who are continuing to keep the wheels of the industry turning whilst others sun themselves.

So for one week only, we have an exclusive offer on just-auto, with a 34% discount on annual membership to the site. 

So for just, £99, $198 or €129, you'll get full access to our daily comment and opinion from leading industry analysts; breaking news and insight into the latest industry developments; a 10-year archive of all news and analysis; interviews with leading industry figures you won't find anywhere else, and much, much more.

All of this is brought to you by our unrivalled network of auto industry analysts and writers, so don't miss out. Click here for more information and happy holiday season.

Sizzling summer offer


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