Blog: Graeme RobertsA Singer found in the desert

Graeme Roberts | 5 May 2011

Old English cars crop up in the strangest places. I well recall ambling thru the Disneyland car park in Anaheim, back in '87, and spotting a tidy, if by no means mint, early '60s Mini Countryman complete with wood siding.

Well, the Mini was (officially and legally) shipped to the US for the '61 thru '67 model years, and to Canada a lot longer (with some odd regulation-meeting mods).

You'd want to be keen and well versed in all aspects of auto DIY to even attempt to re-do this one, though. As for the infamous Rootes column shift, just ask anyone who's ever tried to rebuild one, or taken the (much) easier option of replacing it with a floor lever using bits from a wrecker...


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