Blog: Dave LeggettA 'harmonious' society

Dave Leggett | 17 July 2008

There's a thoughtful series running in the Daily Telegraph comparing America and China's societies - it's a bit of a travelogue, with some extremely pertinent observations made. The latest has a look at Chongqing - a rapidly developing city where a number of car plants are to be found, including a Ford JV.

Very nice work at the Telegraph, a British daily newspaper enjoying a kind of reinvention on the web that is slightly at odds with its rather staid print image. For those that don't know, it's traditionally been seen as the sort of right-wing newspaper retired army majors might read - conservative with a small 'c' (and a large one come to think of it). I hope the good material being produced online is getting a decent audience, presumably widening the DT's readership base beyond Colonel Blimp of Tunbridge Wells who thinks it's still 1955.

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