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Simon Warburton | 11 January 2011

Detroit update: Into the show proper this morning and it was a relief not to find it as huge a bunfight as Paris last year.

A much calmer mood prevailed, although the veterans of two years ago were keen to point out how much more relieved manufacturers seemed to be following the annus horribilis of 2008 that may come to be an MBA topic for years to come.

In the same way as Paris though, thouands of journalists had descended on the city for the show, lending a much-needed boost to Detroit hotels, that are reporting virtually full occpancy for the whole week.

Talking of hotels, I got in the lift or elevator this morning from my 19th floor eyrie and found myself in the car with one other Show attendee.

Having pressed the relevant button, we looked around the small space as is the way of these things, not really having a great deal to say - it was the crack of sparrows after all. After a minute or so had passed and we were heading down, the lift doors opened and we both confidently stepped out into what we thought would be the lobby.

Except it wasn't. We hadn't moved an inch and were resolutley marrooned on the 19th floor, having convcinced ourselves we were actutally heading downwards at a rate of knots. Still, at least it started a conversation...

The hotel lobby - 'motor lobby' - is also playing what appears to be non-stop motown classics. Not exactly my cup of tea. Talking of which, can I make a plea on behalf of Brits in America - could someone find some milk rather than cream...? 



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