Blog: Dave Leggett343hp engine and a speed limit to stick to

Dave Leggett | 9 March 2006

I will be out in a Z4 M today, but we have been warned by BMW that there have already been speed tickets issued to journalists out here earlier this week. They cuff you and take you to the local nick apparently. It’s the Interstate where people have been caught out. I’ll be careful. The route takes in the edge of the Blue Ridge Mountains (‘..of Virginia, on the trail of the lonesome pine’ – yes, as sung about by Laurel and Hardy) so there should be opportunities for a little fun. We will also be visiting The Zentrum at the BMW manufacturing plant and there will be some execs to talk to there.

This evening we are staying at the Inn on Biltmore, Asheville. While there we can also take in the Vanderbilts’ family house, Biltmore mansion, described as ‘the biggest private house in the USA’, before dinner in a barn. I guess that’s where the banjo comes in.

Article on BMW Spartanburg’s new flexible single-line below:

US: BMW plant restructures for flexible single-line


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