Blog: Dave Leggett3 Series launch

Dave Leggett | 7 March 2005

Cold and frosty here again this morning, but at least I have the prospect of a brief jaunt to southern Spain as part of the UK media batch participating in the BMW 3 Series launch event. What's involved? In a nutshell: we should be airborne from Farnborough aerodrome in a chartered 'plane by 11:00am, lunch is on board and then we land at Jerez airport early afternoon and it's straight into the cars. 

Spend a few hours driving around Andalucia, putting the 3 through its paces and hoping not to be teamed up with a crazy fellow driver (one or two are legendary). Then we check into the event hotel early evening - a big hacienda affair in the country outside Seville. Quick scrub-up and then there should be a presentation from some BMW people, a good meal (plus, I suspect, some kind of horsey thing demo - they like their horses down there).

After dinner, those with stamina will hit the hotel bar and stay up until the early hours (amazing what you can learn right at the tail end of the day). Tomorrow we're in the cars again after breakfast, then it's the whole journey in reverse, back at Farnborough early afternoon.

Interesting list of participants, some of whom I know, including Jesse Crosse, Neil Winton and John Kendall (all write for just-auto). I'd be lying if I said that the next 30 hours won't be fun.


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