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Dave Leggett | 14 March 2008

1978 seems a long time ago. I was still at school and doing my 'O' levels. Punk was segueing into New Wave. Elvis Costello didn't want to go to Chelsea, Gerry Rafferty took a stroll down Baker Street and the Bee Gees were simply Stayin' Alive. Olivia Newton-John was stuck in a black boob tube, Bjorn Borg was a hit at Wimbledon and I can remember going to the cinema to watch The Deer Hunter. A smiling peanut farmer called Jimmy was in the White House and we had Sunny Jim as PM over here. But it was a very, very long time ago.  

In Birmingham - Britain's second biggest city - Renault opened a dealership that year. Stirling Moss did the honours and cars like the Renault 5 and Renault 14 were on the showroom floor. The Digbeth-based dealership has just celebrated its 30th. They baked a cake. Nice picture. And particular congrats to Usha Patel who works in accounts there. She is the sole survivor from the opening line-up there - still going strong after thirty years! I hope she got a big glass of Champagne to go with her piece of cake. 

Staff from Renault Birmingham mark the dealership’s 30th anniversary. From left: Karl Schmitz, Regional Accountant; Craig Hulbert, Assistant Service Manager; Andy Tindall, Service Manager; Usha Patel, Accounts; Susan Hall, Receptionist; Sue Fletcher, accounts and Chris Avery, Renault Birmingham General Manager.


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