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Dave Leggett | 14 January 2006

I suspect that many people reading this were in nappies in 1973 or not even born yet. But I was around - I was 11-years-old. Something on TV here this week was set in that year and I found myself enjoying the many period details, not least the cars. The Mk III Ford Cortina which was being driven by the main characters was one I knew well as I recall my dad ordering a new one (also in '73 actually) and it was a cool car - bright red, three-door, 'L' variant, 1.6 litre engine, (registration plate KJH 313L). My goodness, there was carpet! Not as cool as a Capri, obviously, but still cool. I can even remember looking through the Ford brochure at the different trim levels, options.

I noted that the Cortina that featured in the TV programme ('Life on Mars', a comedy drama about a policeman from now who has an accident and wakes up in 1973 - BBC) this week was the top-of-the-range GXL complete with vinyl roof (but definitely not Ghia trim as one newspaper review I read this week mistakenly said; Ghia trim came later with the Mk IV Cortina; my dad had one of those too - he was a loyal Ford man for three decades).

Ah, '73. 10cc were not in love; I had a pair of baggy trousers, platforms, unruly hair with a giant quiff; Queen were at number one in the charts for months with Bohemian Rhapsody; I had a hippy music teacher - the wonderfully named Mr Reason - who made us listen to Dark Side of the Moon; it was Angel's Delight for tea at our house; clackers were fun and then banned; clangers were on telly; as was a fat American TV detective called Frank Cannon who drove a car as big as a house; people collected green shield stamps; underdogs Sunderland beat Leeds in the FA Cup Final; there was a war in the Middle East; Tricky Dicky Nixon was in a jam; we had the day off school when Princess Anne married 'foggy'; Jon Pertwee was Dr Who in his vintage car and cape, ably assisted by Sarah-Jane; Shell was giving out neat little WWF 3-D cards of animals and everyone was complaining about the price of  petrol as rationing coupons were issued, but it didn't actually get to that...sorry, I get like this around the time of my birthday.  

Ford Cortina


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