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Simon Warburton | 15 January 2011

Last day at the Detroit Show and a visit to GM's Heritage Centre just outside the city in Sterling Heights.

You'd hardly know there were some of the most exclusive cars in the world here - it's a low-rise building that you could easily drive straight by. Perhaps GM's a bit twitchy about the millions of dollars of automobile lurking inside.

In among the 1963 Chevrolet Corvette, the 1958 Oldsmobile F88 concept and literally dozens and dozens of of some of GM's prized icons was one vehicle that caught my eye in particular.

Nestling right at the back of the building was a glorious Oldsmobile Limited dating from exactly 100 years ago.

Gleaming under the Centre's lights, it looked a million dollars. Well, around eight million dollars to be precise, although it appears to be pretty difficult to drive.

No matter. If you had the cash, you'd certainly turn a few heads with this particular model, although spare parts might be a tad difficult.

And why was the steering wheel put on the right? I suppose in 1911, you just headed off into the sunset without any great thought as to which side of the road was important, given the dearth of vehicles.


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