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New Audi Sport RS 4 Avant - powered by Porsche

21 May 2018 | Glenn Brooks

Audi Sport must have some of the best margins of any car company division. A range of RS models sits under the umbrella of this GmbH (limited liability company), with the newest addition being the super-fast, super-exclusive, super-expensive fourth generation RS 4 Avant.

Volkswagen withdraws from Paris motor show

18 May 2018 | Glenn Brooks

The importer for France has confirmed rumours which had claimed that Volkswagen would not have a stand at the 2018 Paris Mondial de l'Automobile. Other Group brands will, however, go ahead with their displays.

Research snapshot – no shortage of ADAS technology to support AVs

17 May 2018 | Matthew Beecham

Continuing just-auto/QUBE’s series of research snapshots, this one forms the second (of three) parts focusing on the ways in which the auto industry is paving the way for autonomous vehicles. It turns a spotlight on some recent supplier advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) innovations and investments.

All those in favour of AVs, say AI

16 May 2018 | Matthew Beecham

We are hearing more about the opportunities for artificial intelligence (AI) in autonomous vehicles (AVs). Continuing just-auto/QUBE’s series of research snapshots, this one forms the first (of three) parts updating the levels of driving automation reached by automakers. Our second part turns the spotlight on supplier ADAS innovations while the third sets out a Q&A with powertrain engineering consultancy, Drive System Design. The lack of a driver in an AV re-writes the rules on many aspects of vehicle design, including the powertrain and driveline. This Q&A considers what the future might bring.

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ZF’s vision of steering systems in AVs

21 May 2018 | Matthew Beecham

Although autonomous vehicles (AVs) are on the horizon, steering wheels will be fitted as standard to new cars for a while yet. Continuing just-auto/QUBE’s series of interviews with global automotive component suppliers, we spoke to Thilo Bitzer, Senior Vice President, Steering Engineering, ZF Active and Passive Safety Division, about steering systems for AVs as well as active front steering and dual-pinion electric power steering systems.

Designing transmissions for autonomous vehicles

18 May 2018 | Matthew Beecham

The lack of a driver in an autonomous vehicle (AV) re-writes the rules on many aspects of vehicle design, including the powertrain and driveline. Continuing just-auto/QUBE’s series of interviews, we asked Lee Sykes of powertrain engineering consultancy, Drive System Design, what the future might bring.

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New Millbrook kit meets WLTP rules

21 May 2018 | Graeme Roberts

Millbrook, once the Vauxhall Proving Ground, has been awarded Vehicle Certification Agency (VCA) facility approval for its 4WD climatic emissions chassis dynamometer.

Hyundai Mobis to lead global autonomous driving technology

17 May 2018 | Staff reporter

Hyundai Motor's automotive components manufacturing subsidiary Hyundai Mobis unveiled a new R&D centre for autonomous vehicles and related auto parts in Seosan in South Korea's Chungcheong Province.

Denso takes a stake in Metawave

17 May 2018 | Graeme Roberts

Denso Corporation has taken a stake in Metawave Corporation, a US startup company that develops millimetre-wave radar sensing technologies to detect vehicles and pedestrians.

BMW opens new R&D centre in Beijing

17 May 2018 | Graeme Roberts

BMW has opened a China R&D Centre in Beijing’s Shunyi District.

just-auto Plus only Hella with Audi develops customisable vehicle interior lighting

17 May 2018 | just-auto plus Extended News

Current trends such as autonomous driving and the desire for individualisation strongly impact interior vehicle design. "Drivers increasingly want the option to adjust lighting to their...

BMW 'go' for level four autonomous driving tests in Shanghai

16 May 2018 | Graeme Roberts

BMW Group has officially obtained the Shanghai Intelligent Connected Autonomous Driving Test Licence, issued by the Intelligent Connected Vehicle Road Test Promotion Team - consisting of Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and Informatisation, Shanghai Municipal Public Security Bureau and Shanghai Municipal Transportation Commission.

Subaru America cues up Crosstrek PHEV

15 May 2018 | Graeme Roberts

Subaru of America, which has recorded nine consecutive years of record sales and 10 consecutive years of growth, has announced its first plug-in hybrid vehicle (PHEV), borrowing the technology from minor shareholder Toyota.

Nissan to expand ProPILOT Assist to additional models

15 May 2018 | Graeme Roberts

Nissan said its innovative ProPILOT Assist semi-autonomous driving system has been a hit with customers, with more than 120,000 vehicles featuring the technology sold globally, and now set to expand to additional models.

Infineon sets up Dresden Development Centre

15 May 2018 | Simon Warburton

Infineon is setting up a new Development Centre at its Dresden location, creating around 100 new jobs in the first phase and employing 250 people in the medium term.

Brazil reaches 15 years of flex-fuel vehicles

11 May 2018 | Fernando Calmon

In March 2003 Brazil's auto industry began producing flexible-fuel cars powered by engines capable of running either on ethanol or petrol, or any blend of the two.

Hyundai Mobis develops new digital cluster for autonomous cars

11 May 2018 | Dave Leggett

Hyundai Mobis says it is currently entering the market for digital clusters, a field which is on the rise as a driving information display solution for autonomous cars. For this, Hyundai Mobis produced a cluster equipped with a 7" display and applied it to Hyundai Kona EV. The company is also aiming to induce the development of a next-generation cockpit optimised for the era of autonomous driving. 

just-auto Plus only Opel to launch Opel Connect in Europe by 2019

11 May 2018 | just-auto plus Extended News

Opel continues the rapid integration of Groupe PSA technology, in accordance with the PACE! strategic plan. Following the announcement that the Engineering team in Russelsheim will lead development...

Audi US adds more cities to traffic light information service

10 May 2018 | Graeme Roberts

Audi of America has expanded its Traffic Light Information driver assistance feature to two more US cities – Phoenix, Arizona and areas of Kansas City, Kansas.

Daimler EQV EV heads for hot weather testing in Spain

10 May 2018 | Graeme Roberts

Daimler has updated development progress on its 2019 EQC - the first all-electric Mercedes-Benz EQ brand model - ahead of hot weather durability testing in Spain this summer.

Volvo Trucks and Cars to share real-time traffic hazard information

8 May 2018 | Dave Leggett

Volvo Trucks is introducing a cloud-based service, Connected Safety, which allows Volvo trucks and Geely-owned Volvo cars to automatically alert each other to hazardous traffic situations. Thanks to this 'pioneering collaboration', two independent vehicle manufacturers are allowing their cars and trucks to share real-time traffic hazard information.

Aptiv launches fleet of AVs on Lyft network

3 May 2018 | Dave Leggett

Aptiv has announced the launch of a fleet of 30 autonomous vehicles in Las Vegas on the Lyft ride-hail network.

ZF joins 'Mobility Open Blockchain Initiative' (MOBI)

2 May 2018 | Dave Leggett

ZF has joined the recently established Mobility Open Blockchain Initiative (MOBI) as a founding member.

Zircotec coating defends battery packs from electronic interference

2 May 2018 | Graeme Roberts

Heat management specialist Zircotec Group said it had developed a new conductive ceramic coating that enables vehicle manufacturers to use carbon or plastic composite battery casings for hybrid and electric vehicles.

Ford and University of Michigan to collaborate on AV and robotics

1 May 2018 | Graeme Roberts

The University of Michigan has begun construction of the US$75m Ford Robotics Building on its Ann Arbor campus.

Qualcomm and partners demonstrate interoperability of C-V2X

1 May 2018 | Dave Leggett

5G Automotive Association (5GAA), Audi, Ford Motor Company and Qualcomm Technologies, a subsidiary of Qualcomm Incorporated, have announced the world’s first demonstration for Cellular Vehicle-to-Everything (C-V2X) direct communications technology operating across vehicles from different manufacturers.

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