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China introduces measures to support struggling NEV segment

1 July 2020 | editorial team

The Chinese government over the last few months has introduced a number of measures to help the country’s struggling new energy vehicle (NEV) sector recover from the sharp economic downturn caused by outbreak of the COVID-19 coronavirus crisis.

Welcome back, dieselgate - the week

19 June 2020 | Graeme Roberts

Dieselgate has reared its ugly ahead again, this time in the UK, getting on for five years after Volkswagen admitted cheating on US emissions testing, sparking a saga that has cost it billions in fines and other costs, such as setting up the nationwide EV recharging network Electrify America, led to tens of thousands of perfectly functional cars being parked in the desert, put executives in US jails as German prosecutors tried to achieve likewise (with less success) this side of the Atlantic and generally tarnished its reputation. But this week's news was not about VW.

France moves first to bolster the automotive sector

29 May 2020 | Calum MacRae

This week France announced plans to inject more than EUR8bn into its automotive sector. The hope for the European industry is that it’s not the only country to act.

Proposed UK import tariffs raise big questions for UK’s auto industry

20 May 2020 | Dave Leggett

The UK government is preparing a new set of import tariffs which would include a 10% tariff applying to all imported new cars when the UK's Brexit transition period ends at the end of this year.

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Deal or no deal - How Brexit could impact the UK’s automotive supply chain

8 April 2019 | Matthew Beecham

May we mention the B-word? UK automotive manufacturing is currently amongst the world’s most efficient, relying on a tightly coordinated global supply chain to feed its production lines, with minimum capital employed and carefully-managed risk. Yet Brexit continues to concern the industry, including the ability of automakers and suppliers to maintain their just-in-time deliveries. We spoke to Graham Little, deputy managing director of logistics specialist Evolution Time Critical to understand what might happen, how manufacturers should prepare and why they should not plan to rely on trusted emergency techniques that have so far served them well within a joined-up Europe,

Sydney Nash - SMMT senior policy manager on Brexit

26 October 2018 | Simon Warburton

As Brexit negotiations roil and foment in the corridors of Westminster in London, the Berlaymont in Brussels and as they continue to inflame passions on leave and remain sides in the UK, the SMMT's (Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders) senior policy manager, Sydney Nash outlined his thoughts on just where – or where not- Britain is headed post-March. Just-Auto caught up with him at the recent SMMT Regional Forum where Brexit was very much the theme of the day.

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Japan mulls cutting clean diesel tax incentives

28 October 2020 | editorial team

The Japanese government is considering reducing the clean diesel tax incentives in its budget for the next fiscal year, starting in April 2021, according to local reports citing sources close to the matter.

EU EV charging infrastructure "far below" requirements - ACEA

28 October 2020 | Simon Warburton

ACEA has published the second edition of ‘Making the Transition to Zero-Emission Mobility’, an annual study, which tracks progress on the availability of the infrastructure and incentives necessary to foster market uptake of alternatively-powered vehicles.

'Huge reductions' in average CO2 emissions in Europe

27 October 2020 | Dave Leggett

Many carmakers in Europe have started to see a significant reduction in their average CO2 emissions levels and are largely on track to hit targets set by the EU, new research says.

Britain plans law to speed post-Brexit trade

22 October 2020 | Graeme Roberts

Britain announced on Thursday it would introduce legislation to try to minimise major delays and disruption at one of its busiest trade routes when it fully leaves the European Union, Reuters reported.

Nissan US finance unit fined $4m over improper repossessions

14 October 2020 | Graeme Roberts

Nissan Motor's US consumer finance unit has agreed to pay a US$4m fine to settle a government agency allegation it improperly repossessed hundreds of customers' vehicles, the Reuters news agency reported.

Nissan and Toyota want tariffs rebate if UK-EU no-deal - report

5 October 2020 | Dave Leggett

The Nikkei news agency reports that Nissan and Toyota are demanding the UK Government covers any additional tariffs that could arise on export shipments if the UK and EU fail to agree a free trade agreement before the end of the year.

UK car industry faces EU rules of origin blow - report

30 September 2020 | Dave Leggett

As negotiations continue between the UK government and EU Commission over trade arrangements following the end of the Brexit transition period, a letter from the UK's chief negotiator to the UK's auto industry could signal trouble ahead over rules of origin and their application to car components in UK manufactured vehicles.

California sets new car ICE ban for 2035

24 September 2020 | Dave Leggett

The US State of California’s Governor has said it will require that by 2035, all new cars and passenger trucks sold in California are zero emission vehicles. 

RHA "extremely sceptical" on UK post-transition readiness

24 September 2020 | Simon Warburton

Britain's Road Haulage Association (RHA) says it remains "extremely sceptical" concerning the UK government's readiness for the end of the Brexit transition period.

EU auto bodies urge UK Free Trade Agreement

14 September 2020 | Simon Warburton

European automotive industry leaders are calling for the EU and UK to secure a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) without further delay with 15 weeks left before the Brexit transition period expires.

UK strikes free trade deal with Japan

11 September 2020 | Dave Leggett

The UK has  secured a free trade agreement with Japan, the country's first major post-Brexit trade deal. The positive development comes as negotiations on a free trade deal between the UK and its biggest trading partner, the EU, appear to be struggling to make headway.

Australian industry calls for reduced COVID-19 restrictions after dismal August

3 September 2020 | Graeme Roberts

Australia's Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries (FCAI) has called for a loosening of COVID-19 pandemic restrictions after dismal new vehicle sales in August 2020.

EU Regulation on vehicle approval starts

2 September 2020 | Simon Warburton

European Union authorities have applied the EU Regulation on the approval and market surveillance of motor vehicles. 

Thailand mulls incentives to lift car sales

1 September 2020 | editorial team

The Thai government is considering offering vehicle trade-in vouchers to help stimulate the country’s new car market, according to local reports.

UK launches automated control consultation

21 August 2020 | Simon Warburton

Britain's government is undertaking a consultation on an automated system capable of taking vehicle control.

China to introduce new vehicle recycling policies

19 August 2020 | editorial team

The Chinese government is set to introduce new recycling regulations for the automotive industry in September, designed to create a new market worth up to CNY100bn (US$14.4bn) per year, according to local reports citing the Ministry of Commerce.

UK to ban CV tyres more than ten years old

28 July 2020 | Simon Warburton

Britain's Department for Transport (DfT) is to ban tyres aged ten years and older from lorries, buses and coaches on roads in England, Scotland and Wales in a boost to road safety.

UK government creates support package for CO2 reduction

22 July 2020 | Dave Leggett

UK industry - including the transport sector - will receive around GBP350m to cut down carbon emissions under new plans to step up efforts to tackle climate change.

EC gives green light for Osram acquisition by AMS

7 July 2020 | Simon Warburton

European Commission authorities have unconditionally approved the proposed acquisition of Osram by AMS through the EU Merger Regulation.

Brexit could yet cause manufacturing disruption in UK - report

25 June 2020 | Dave Leggett

Although the UK formally left the EU trade bloc at the end of January this year and is in a 'transition period' to the end of this year (still effectively in the EU single market until then), with a UK-EU trade deal being negotiated currently, big risks remain for the UK's manufacturing sector if a free trade deal and other regulatory fixes with the UK's biggest trading partner aren't agreed, according to a new report.  

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