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Brexit’s come home - how the costs mount up

9 July 2018 | Calum MacRae

This article was originally written on 6th July 2018, with the title ‘Brexit’s coming home’ and primed for publication today, the 9th July. The title was based on two presumptions: (i) England would beat Sweden in the World Cup quarter final and (ii) the UK government cabinet would fail to agree on its negotiating position with the EU, thus making a ‘hard’ Brexit more likely. As we know, England delivered on Saturday, but the bigger shock was the UK government’s ‘Chequers statement’ on Friday night. The prime minister Theresa May had seemingly quelled rebellion in the cabinet’s ranks and engineered a path for a ‘soft’ Brexit for manufactured goods (a service sector agreement, covering 80% of the UK’s economy comes later) via a Facilitated Customs Arrangement and a common rule book for manufactured goods. Now on Monday 9th July, even more unwanted uncertainty has been delivered following the resignation of Brexit minister David Davis from cabinet and the possibility of open warfare in the UK government.

Fiat Chrysler lays out its plans - what happens next?

4 June 2018 | Glenn Brooks

Jeep and Ram, two brands which are successful mainly in the USA, are expected to account for most of the future profitability of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles at a global level over the next five years. That was the gist of the announcements made at FCA's 'Capital Markets Day'. Although a lot was said at Balocco, many questions concerning the next generation of models for FCA divisions went unanswered.

How long will global automakers prop up loss-making Brazil subsidiaries?

27 February 2017 | Fernando Calmon

There was once euphoria in the Brazilian automotive market. Following the 2008/2009 financial crisis, the Lehman Brothers bank bankruptcy and the chain reaction that spread worldwide, auto companies settled here coincidentally commenced to profit enormously. And the order of the day became rescuing indebted parent companies, especially General Motors (at the time in Chapter 11 proceedings), Ford and Fiat.

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GM Korea reconfirms Changwon investment plan

3 July 2020 | editorial team

GM Korea Company confirmed its plans to invest KRW800bn (US$667m) over the next few years were still on track despite the difficult trading conditions brought about by the global COVID-19 pandemic.

Barcelona's loss, Rosslyn's gain - Nissan SA to build Navara

29 June 2020 | Graeme Roberts

Nissan South Africa expects to begin commercial production of the new Navara pick up truck in January 2021, the company said on Monday.

Baidu-backed self-driving vehicle sensors maker going public - report

29 June 2020 | Graeme Roberts

Graf Industrial is in talks to merge with Baidu-backed Velodyne Lidar in a deal that would take public the maker of sensors used in self driving vehicles, according to Bloomberg sources "familiar with the matter".

Sumitomo Bakelite adding epoxy encapsulation composite line in Belgium

29 June 2020 | Graeme Roberts

Sumitomo Bakelite said it would open a new manufacturing line to produce epoxy encapsulation composite materials for automotive applications at its Belgian production subsidiary, Vyncolit.Sumitomo Bakelite said it would open a new manufacturing line to produce epoxy encapsulation composite materials for automotive applications at its Belgian production subsidiary, Vyncolit.

Constellium to head EV aluminium battery enclosures project

25 June 2020 | Graeme Roberts

Constellium said it would head a consortium of automotive manufacturers and suppliers to develop structural aluminium battery enclosures for electric vehicles.

Ford puts 5G network in at UK R&D centre

25 June 2020 | Graeme Roberts

Ford and its consortium partners have received government backing for the introduction of 5G connectivity to speed up electric vehicle manufacturing.

Kia to begin expanding Slovakian engine plant

15 June 2020 | Graeme Roberts

Hyundai Motor Group's Kia Motors said it was ready to begin investing an additional EUR70m (US$79m) expanding its engine factory in Slovakia.

BASF says battery materials plants in Europe "advance as planned"

15 June 2020 | Graeme Roberts

Preparations and construction of BASF battery materials plants in Europe are advancing as planned, the supplier said.

Continental starts EUR33m expansion of Romanian R&D centre

10 June 2020 | Graeme Roberts

Supplier Continental, the largest manufacturer of automotive components in Romania, has started work on a EUR33m expansion of its research and development center in Timisoara, in the west of the country.

China eyes fourfold expansion of EV recharging network

5 June 2020 | editorial team

China's electric vehicle charging infrastructure is being expanded rapidly this year, with companies and local governments investing billions as the government targets a strong rebound in new energy vehicle sales.

Tesla to continue expanding recharging network in China

18 May 2020 | editorial team

Tesla said it would continue to expand its electric vehicle recharging network in China by an additional 4,000 supercharging sites by the end of the year, as it looks to strengthen its position in the world's largest electric vehicle market.

Porsche increases VW holding, Q1 profit falls

12 May 2020 | Graeme Roberts

Porsche Automobil Holding SE (Porsche SE) has increased its holding of ordinary shares in Volkswagen AG to 53.3%.

BMW to complete new main plant building in Shenyang this year

11 May 2020 | editorial team

BMW is committed to completing construction of a new CNY4.4bn (US$621m) main factory building in Shenyang this year, according to Chinese media reports citing local government officials.

Hyundai’s new group HQ building gets final approval

7 May 2020 | editorial team

Hyundai Motor Group this week got the final go ahead from the Seoul municipal government for the construction of a new headquarters building in the downtown Gangnam-gu area of South Korea's capital city.

Hyundai to invest in Israeli smart glass startup

28 April 2020 | editorial team

Hyundai Motor is considering investing in a small Israeli manufacturer of smart glass to help it develop products for new vehicles, according to reports in South Korea.

BMW to step up investment in China despite recent market decline

23 March 2020 | editorial team

BMW is considering increasing its planned investments in China, according to local reports citing a company executive, despite the sharp decline in the country's vehicle market due to the COVID19 coronavirus.

Domo Chemicals to spend EUR12m on new nylon plant in China

13 March 2020 | Graeme Roberts

Domo Chemicals has announced plans for a new plant in Zhejiang, China, capable of producing 50,000 tons of nylon compounds each year.

UK’s first electric forecourt under construction for summer opening

10 March 2020 | Graeme Roberts

Gridserve  said on Tuesday the first of its planned nationwide network of over 100 electric forecourts is now under construction and will open this summer, offering ultra-fast, low-cost charging, "with an outstanding customer experience".

Nissan Motor seen exiting Alliance fund - report

10 March 2020 | Graeme Roberts

Nissan Motor reportedly is likely to pull out from a venture capital fund it runs with Renault and Mitsubishi Motors, as part of a drive to cut costs and conserve cash, a news agency said.

Tesla tree cutting continues after court ruling

24 February 2020 | Graeme Roberts

Tesla reportedly resumed cutting down trees to clear land in in Gruenheide, Germany for its first European car and battery factory after environmentalists lost a court case.

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