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How long will automakers prop up Brazil units?

27 February 2017 | Fernando Calmon

There was once euphoria in the Brazilian automotive market. Following the 2008/2009 financial crisis, the Lehman Brothers bank bankruptcy and the chain reaction that spread worldwide, auto companies settled here coincidentally commenced to profit enormously. And the order of the day became rescuing indebted parent companies, especially General Motors (at the time in Chapter 11 proceedings), Ford and Fiat.

car2go's assumptions on future of car sharing

14 December 2016 | Graeme Roberts

Around eight years after a pilot project began in the German city of Ulm, around 14,000 cars belonging to sharing pioneer car2go are now in use in other cities such as Berlin, New York and Chongqing.

Maserati future models - a global analysis

1 December 2016 | Glenn Brooks

The third instalment in just-auto's analysis of FCA's passenger car brands' model lines is a focus on Maserati. A look at what's ahead for Alfa Romeo was recently published, followed by an examination of Ferrari's plans. Features on Lancia; Fiat & Abarth; Chrysler, Dodge & RAM; and Jeep will be published soon.

Alfa Romeo future models - a global analysis

28 November 2016 | Glenn Brooks

FCA is the latest OEM to have its current and future models put under the microscope for examination. The first brand in this series is Alfa Romeo. Features on Maserati; Ferrari; Lancia; Fiat & Abarth; Chrysler, Dodge & RAM; and Jeep, will follow over the coming weeks.

Latest interviews

BMW's Peter Schwarzenbauer eyes digitalisation

28 March 2017 | Graeme Roberts

BMW's Peter Schwarzenbauer likes to joke that his business card "takes five minutes to read" and that his full title - member of the board of management of BMW AG Mini, Rolls-Royce, BMW Motorrad, customer engagement and digital business innovation, BMW group - encompasses "all the fun stuff". A very big buck stops here.

Q&A: Kia MD sees 100,000 sales in UK

23 July 2015 | Glenn Brooks

There years ago this month Paul Philpott became the managing director of Kia Motors for the UK and Ireland. This followed a stint at Kia Motors Europe (KME) in Frankfurt and prior to that, senior roles at Ford of Britain and Toyota GB.

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1m EVs expected on UK roads by 2022

20 July 2017 | Graeme Roberts

Recharge network operator Chargemaster projects 1m electric cars will be on UK roads by 2022.

'Post peak' period forecast for US light vehicles

29 June 2017 | Graeme Roberts

New vehicle sales in the US in the first half of 2017 are expected to be 8.4m, down nearly 2.3% compared to the first six months of 2016.  With growing economic headwinds, full year sales in 2017 are predicted to reach 17.1m, down 2.5% from the record 17.5m sold in 2016 and within the 16.8 to 17.3m range set by Kelley Blue Book analysts earlier this year.

KBB sees US April off 3%, 2017 a down year

26 April 2017 | Graeme Roberts

New vehicle sales in the US are expected to decrease 3% year on year to 1.45m units in April 2017, resulting in an estimated 17.1m seasonally adjusted annual rate (SAAR), according to Kelley Blue Book (KBB).

Beijing Benz targets China's top premium slot

30 March 2017 | Graeme Roberts

BAIC Motor Group, with subsidiaries Beijing Brand, Beijing Benz, Beijing Hyundai and Fujian Benz boosted combined 2016 sales 16.4% to 1.929m units.

Connected/autonomous vehicles will improve life

30 March 2017 | Graeme Roberts

Connected and autonomous vehicles (CAVs) will transform the lives of six out of every 10 people in the UK, according to research by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT).

BMW expects another record year in 2017

21 March 2017 | Graeme Roberts

After booking record revenues and earnings for the seventh consecutive year in the automaker's centenary year 2016 (nonetheless disappointing some analysts), BMW Group management board chairman Harald Kruger is again targeting records for 2017.

AEB cautiously hopes for 'soft return' in Russia

16 March 2017 | Simon Warburton

Russia's Association of European Businesses (AEB) Automotive Manufacturers Committee (AMC) is cautiously predicting a "soft return" to rosier times for the domestic market following four years of disastrously falling sales.

GAZ looks to ramp up export potential

16 March 2017 | Simon Warburton

GAZ Group says it has set itself a target of increasing export markets to 51 countries as, in common with many Russian manufacturers operating in difficult domestic conditions, it looks overseas to soak up the shortfall.

US analysts see January sales down 0.7% - 3.0%

26 January 2017 | Graeme Roberts has forecast 1,153,459 new cars and trucks will be sold in the US in January, for an estimated seasonally adjusted annual rate (SAAR) of 17.7m. This would be down 0.7% year on year and 31.5% lower than December 2016 sales. Kelley Blue Book reckons sales will be down 3% to 1.13m next month for an estimated SAAR of 17.4m.

Nissan reveals impact of autonomous vehicles

1 December 2016 | Graeme Roberts

The real financial and social impact of autonomous driving vehicles on European roads has been revealed for the first time, Nissan Motor claimed, as it unveiled what it claims is "one of the most comprehensive studies ever compiled on the subject".

Maserati executive confirms electric Alfieri

23 November 2016 | Glenn Brooks

An EV rival for the next Porsche 911 and Jaguar F-TYPE will be released in 2020, a Maserati executive has told

GM Brazil's head calls for less incentives

31 October 2016 | Fernando Calmon

São Paulo-based GM South America, headed by Barry Engle, has reaffirmed temporary fiscal incentives proved fruitless in improving the Brazilian motor industry's competitiveness in recent years.

VW Group operating profit up this year

28 October 2016 | Dave Leggett

Despite the impact of 'dieselgate' Volkswagen Group generated an operating profit before special items of EUR11.3 (10.2)bn in the first nine months of the year, representing an increase of 10.5%.

Opel planning chief finding predictions problems

29 September 2016 | Chris Wright

As someone charged with looking into the future, Toscan Bennett, vice president strategy and planning for Opel, is finding it harder and harder to make predictions.

Ford shoots for 100K a year AVs

16 September 2016 | Dave Leggett

Ford is aiming to have an autonomous vehicle in commercial operation by 2021 and wants to have ‘high volume’ (over 100,000 units a year) to maximise the business opportunity via ride-hailing or ride-sharing.

Union shows auto's economic effect on Canada

2 September 2016 | Graeme Roberts

As it prepares to announce the target company for its current round of bargaining with the Detroit Three automakers, the Unifor union released a new independent study that shows the "massive" economic impact of the automakers in Canada.

US analysts expect a 1.5m-sales July

28 July 2016 | Graeme Roberts

New vehicle sales in the United States in July are expected to decrease 1% year on year to 1.5m units in July 2016, resulting in an estimated 17.5m seasonally adjusted annual rate (SAAR), according to Kelley Blue Book.

Global OEM powertrain JVs 'essential' for China

22 July 2016 | Graeme Roberts

China is the largest passenger vehicle market in the world in terms of both production and sales volumes and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) are looking to harness the potential of this vast market by rolling out new and improved powertrains, according to a new report.

LMC cuts US sales forecast out to 2023

13 July 2016 | Graeme Roberts

LMC Automotive has cut its forecast for auto sales in the US for 2016-2023, based on the recent plateauing of year-on-year sales growth, combined with growing economic and political risk in the US and globally, potentially impacting trade, the US economy and consumer confidence.

Nissan 'on track' for further growth in 2016

23 June 2016 | Graeme Roberts

Nissan Motor chief competitive officer Hiroto Saikawa told the annual general meeting in the company's home city of Yokohama, Japan, the automaker had made continued progress on its mid-term business plan, enhanced operational efficiency and delivered "solid" financial results in fiscal 2015. He also highlighted growth in global sales volumes, reaching a new record of 5.43m units amid strong demand in North America and a continued recovery in western Europe.

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