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Interior design and technology – Mercedes-Benz C-Class

25 Mar 2019 | Matthew Beecham

What would you expect to see in a premium car interior? Forget rear seat heaters, think wellness retreats. The Mercedes-Benz C-Class spec list takes driver comfort to a new level by offering something called ‘Energising Comfort Control’. Debuted on the S-Class, it links the air-con, fragrancing, seat heating/cooling/massage function, audio and ambient lighting to improve driver comfort and even lift their mood. All in all, the fourth-generation C-Class has some 6,500 components new to the range. Continuing QUBE/just-auto's review of interior design and technology trends, we slipped inside the luxurious interior to see what stands out.

Ford starts to restructure Europe - the week

22 Mar 2019 | Graeme Roberts

Ford has begun its European business restructure announced in January and the fact that the axe is hanging over 5,000 jobs was our most-read story this week.

Valeo prepares for 48V growth

20 Mar 2019 | Matthew Beecham

Valeo claims that they invented the 48V mild hybrid system 15 years ago, and are already in production in China and Europe with a "significant production ramp-up" this year. The supplier further claims that advanced orders for 48V machines will make it the number one 48V mild-hybrid supplier in the world by 2020. So is its long shot on 48V mild hybrid tech now paying off? To learn more, we spoke to Michel Forissier, Chief Technology Officer of Valeo’s Powertrain Systems Business Group.up.

Interior design and technology – Infiniti QX30

18 Mar 2019 | Matthew Beecham

Since its European launch in 2016, Nissan's luxury brand Infiniti has used the QX30 to attract a new type of premium car buyer. Yet last week, we learned that Infiniti will abandon western Europe to focus on markets in which it is more successful. Production of the Q30 and QX30 is to cease by July 2019 at Nissan’s factory in Sunderland, UK. The company did not cite Brexit. Continuing QUBE/just-auto's review of interior design and technology trends, we take a closer look inside one of the last few produced.

Brexit, Brexit, Brexit - the week

15 Mar 2019 | Graeme Roberts

Our review of Subaru's outgoing fourth generation Forester - did it really start the fad for crossovers at launch back in 1997? - and a look at the brand's electrified future was the most-read analysis article this week. But Brexit topped the news.

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Ricardo develops new technology to avoid motion sickness in CAVs

25 Mar 2019 | Graeme Roberts

With a widespread public expectation that autonomous vehicles will offer comfort levels approaching those of a living room environment, Ricardo is developing new technology to minimise the risks of motion sickness which also promises benefits for occupants of conventionally-driven vehicles.

Thatcham Research updates security ratings to include keyless entry/start

21 Mar 2019 | Graeme Roberts

The UK's Thatcham Research has launched security ratings to help consumers better understand the theft risk of new cars against a back drop of rising vehicle thefts. The new ratings assess whether measures to specifically address the keyless entry/start vulnerability, have been adopted.

Survey finds increased support for self-driving cars

20 Mar 2019 | BusinessCar magazine

The proportion of UK drivers who say they like the idea of self-driving cars has tripled in 12 months, according to Close Brothers Motor Finance.

Updated Mercedes-Benz GLC Coupe gets RDE2-compliant diesel engines

20 Mar 2019 | BusinessCar magazine

Mercedes-Benz has revealed a facelifted version of its GLC Coupe.

Jaguar Land Rover 'electrifies' Gaydon engineering centre

19 Mar 2019 | Graeme Roberts

Tata Motors' Jaguar Land Rover has installed what it claims is the UK's largest EV smart charging facility with 166 outlets at its Gaydon engineering centre in England.

Kumho Tire to delist from LSE

18 Mar 2019 | just-auto.com editorial team

Kumho Tire plans to delist its shares from the London Stock Exchange (LSE) at the end of April 2019, according to local reports citing a company filing to the regulators.

UK local authority EV charger roll-out slows - report

15 Mar 2019 | Graeme Roberts

At least a quarter of local authorities in England and Wales have put a brake on the expansion of charging networks for electric vehicles, according to a media report.

UK gov issues tariff regime for 'no-deal' Brexit

13 Mar 2019 | Dave Leggett

The UK government has today published details of the UK’s temporary tariff regime in the event of a 'no deal' Brexit. The move follows a vote in the House of Commons yesterday that rejected a proposed UK-EU agreement for the terms of the UK's planned departure from the EU on March 29.

UK no-deal tariff details "long overdue" - FTA

13 Mar 2019 | Simon Warburton

Britain's Freight Transport Association (FTA) says the tariff policy released by London in case the UK leaves the European Union (EU) with no deal on 29 March is "long overdue."

RHA flags French customs action as ports hit

13 Mar 2019 | Simon Warburton

Britain's Road Haulage Association says it is " very concerned" French customs action is leaving lorry drivers vulnerable to migrant attacks.

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