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Hands-On Tech - Volkswagen T-Roc

19 Jun 2018 | Cat Dow

This is our Hands-On-Tech (HOT) reporting series*. Here, we take a look at the top-spec connectivity features offered by manufacturers in detail, looking to benchmark the connectivity functionality based on various test criteria. Volkswagen’s compact crossover T-Roc takes on the best-selling Nissan Qashqai in a very busy and fiercely competitive segment. So how does the technology, Car-Net, now available across the range, fare as a value proposition? 

Interior design and technology – Kia Niro PHEV

18 Jun 2018 | Matthew Beecham

Hybrid sales in the UK and mainland Europe have doubled over the past five years and are expected to reach 700,000 annually by the end of the decade. The Kia Niro – the Korean carmaker’s third plug-in hybrid (PHEV) after the Optima and Optima Sportswagon - slots into this blossoming market place. Continuing QUBE/just-auto's review of interior design and technology trends, we slip inside this compact crossover to see if this is just another small SUV or something different.

Ford eyes transmission plant sale or closure - the week

15 Jun 2018 | Graeme Roberts

It was not, to put it mildly, the best week for autoworkers, at least this side of the pond. A sharpened American axe appeared over the automatic transmissions factory in Bordeaux, France, (see, they make more than fine wine there). Should the automaker not secure a buyer for its Ford Aquitaine Industries (FAI) site at Blanquefort in south west France, the factory will close, although no forced redundancies would be implemented before September 2019. Not good news.

Faurecia Seating on Connected, Autonomous, Shared and Electrified

14 Jun 2018 | Matthew Beecham

Seats account for five per cent of a vehicle’s total cost and six per cent of its weight. As a result, they represent the second largest expense for automakers. Faurecia Seating is a leader in the design, development and manufacture of automotive seating. Continuing just-auto/QUBE’s series of interviews with tier 1 suppliers, we spoke to Nik Endrud, Vice President Strategy and Innovation at Faurecia Seating.

COMMENT - OEMs explore bundled services and cars on subscription

12 Jun 2018 | Dave Leggett

There is more than one way to skin a cat. As proverbs go I feel it's a slightly brutal one. Maybe 'more than one way to prepare a meal using eggs' is kinder to cats, if a little less catchy. Anyway, you get the drift. That old maxim springs to mind when looking at some of the latest schemes automakers are devising to get you behind the wheel of their vehicles and paying for the privilege.

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All OEMs will provide car subscription services - analyst

20 Jun 2018 | Dave Leggett

As premium car brands such as Audi, Volvo and Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) roll out subscription services as an alternative to traditional car ownership, the trend will eventually move to mass market segments and embrace all OEMs, according to an analyst at consultants Frost & Sullivan (F&S).

Jaguar Land Rover joins subscription model

15 Jun 2018 | Dave Leggett

Tata-owned Jaguar Land Rover (JLR)  is the latest premium OEM to dip its toes into the car subscription model.

UK awards GBP22m in battery research grants

15 Jun 2018 | Simon Warburton

Britain's government-backed Faraday Battery Challenge has awarded GBP22m (US$29.2m) to 12 projects, including the PowerDrive Line innovation for electric cars.

Ghosn to step down early as Renault CEO - report

14 Jun 2018 | Dave Leggett

Carlos Ghosn could step down early from his post as head of Renault, according to an interview with the Financial Times.

Tata Steel Europe and Posco partner on auto steel

14 Jun 2018 | Graeme Roberts

Carmakers and other manufacturers will have access to a whole new generation of steel products thanks to a new agreement between Tata Steel Europe and South Korean teelmaker Posco, the pair said in a statement.

'Disruption events' rising in global auto supply chain

12 Jun 2018 | Dave Leggett

The global automotive industry is coming under increasing pressure from rising incidents of supply chain disruption, according to the latest research from global insurance broker JLT Specialty (JLT).

(Mis)use of 'autonomous' a danger to UK roads - insurers

12 Jun 2018 | Graeme Roberts

Thatcham Research and the ABI (Association of British Insurers) have called on carmakers and UK legislators for greater clarity around the capability of vehicles sold with technology that does more and more driving on behalf of motorists.

Jaguar Land Rover to move all Discovery production to Slovakia

11 Jun 2018 | Dave Leggett

Tata-owned Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) is to move all production of its Discovery SUV model from its Solihull plant to Slovakia (Nitra) from next year.

Jaguar E-Pace adds 'self learning' Smart Settings and 200PS petrol engine

11 Jun 2018 | Graeme Roberts

New updates for Tata Motors-owned Jaguar's E-Pace compact SUV launched last year include 'self-learning' Smart Settings technology, Adaptive Dynamics suspension and a new 200PS Ingenium petrol engine option.

West European car market flat in May

7 Jun 2018 | Dave Leggett

With an increase of only around 400 units year-on-year (YoY), or 0.0% to one decimal place, West European car registrations were virtually unchanged in May according to data released by LMC Automotive. It said calendar effects helped the selling rate to increase from14.4m units a year in April to 14.8m units a year in May.

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