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Leoni opens second wiring systems plant in Ukraine

2 Oct 2017 | Simon Warburton

Leoni has started a second wiring systems production facility in Ukraine in the Western city of Kolomyia.

UKRAINE: Geely beats Toyota to become top brand

5 Feb 2014 | Glenn Brooks

Geely has taken the number one slot in the Ukrainian new vehicle market for the second month in a row. The Chinese brand pulled ahead of Toyota in January with a 44% YoY sales surge.

UKRAINE: JAC launches product offensive in Ukraine

25 Sep 2013 | Dave Leggett

JAC has launched a raft of car models onto the Ukraine car market.

UKRAINE: Commercial Vehicle Group relocates factory

18 Jul 2012 | Graeme Roberts

Harness and electricals supplier Commercial Vehicle Group is moving to a new factory in L'viv, Ukraine from a building in Kamyanets-Podilsky at a cost of about US$1.2m to $1.4m. The Company expects the capital requirements to be substantially completed in the second half of 2012.

UKRAINE: Bogdan output up 40% in 2010

12 Jan 2011 | editorial team

Output of Ukrainian automaker Bogdan rose 40% on the year to 20,111 vehicles in 2010, the company said Wednesday.

UKRAINE: Car sales forecast to fall by two-thirds

16 Apr 2009 | editorial team

Just 200,000-240,000 new cars will be sold in Ukraine this year according to the local importers' association.

UKRAINE: Hyundai plant gets going

22 Jul 2008 | editorial team

Hyundai Motor has started commercial production at its assembly plant in Ukraine.

UKRAINE: Chevrolet Aveo ‘best car’ at Kiev Show

10 Jun 2008 | editorial team

The revised Chevrolet Aveo – produced at a UkrAvtoZAZ plant in Poland – has been declared as the best car of Kiev International Auto Show SIA 2008.

UKRAINE: New car sales reach record

14 May 2008 | editorial team

Over 61,000 cars were sold in Ukraine in April and car sales growth was 61% over the four months in 2008 compared to the same period in 2007 - a new record.

UKRAINE: Hyundai-Kia assembler boosts output

18 Dec 2007 | editorial team

Ukrainian VAZ, Kia and Hyundai assembler Bogdan Corporation produced 46,869 cars in the January-November period, up 25.5% year on year.

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