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How long will global automakers prop up loss-making Brazil subsidiaries?

27 Feb 2017 | Fernando Calmon

There was once euphoria in the Brazilian automotive market. Following the 2008/2009 financial crisis, the Lehman Brothers bank bankruptcy an...

JLR’s internationalisation strategy continues – Analysis

14 Jun 2016 | Ian Henry

As Tata-owned Jaguar Land Rover’s factory in Brazil officially opens, Ian Henry takes a closer look at the company’s latest manufacturing se...

ANALYSIS - Depressed Brazilian market will disrupt technological advances

11 Apr 2016 | Fernando Calmon

The time seems to have come: no one is sure about how long the Brazilian economy will keep getting worse before recovery starts....

ANALYSIS - Brazil recovery likely to be sluggish

8 Mar 2016 | Fernando Calmon

The perennial rivalry between the optimistic and the pessimistic about what the Brazilian market will be like this year has hit a peak in th...

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COLOMBIA: Volvo receives large bus order

22 May 2007 | editorial team

Volvo Buses has received an order for 187 buses to the first phase of the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system in Santiago de Cali, Colombia. The buses will be delivered in autumn 2007.

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VW to bet on Brazil and South America

1 Dec 2017 | Graeme Roberts

Volkswagen's top executive, Herbert Diess, chooses his words carefully but does not refuse to answer on any subject.

VW Brazil Virtus replaces Polo sedan

17 Nov 2017 | Graeme Roberts

Volkswagen has launched a new compact sedan called Virtus in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The new model, developed especially for South America, replaces the Polo sedan, is based on the MQB modular platform and is claimed to be among the most spacious cars in its segment.

VW plans new SUV for Argentina plant in 2020

13 Nov 2017 | Dave Leggett

Volkswagen is investing EUR560m over the next five years to build a new SUV model for the South American market from 2020 at its Pacheco, Argentina, plant.

To Brazil from Mexico - one competitive Chevrolet SUV

3 Nov 2017 | Fernando Calmon

SUVs' share of the Brazilian market has soared to 17.4% in 2017 from just 6.8% in 2012.

Bleak future for EVs in Brazil

20 Oct 2017 | Fernando Calmon

Electric cars have little future in Brazil despite the lofty goals announced for some European countries and China.

Daimler announces South America CV spend

10 Oct 2017 | Graeme Roberts

Daimler subsidiary Mercedes-Benz do Brasil will be spending around EUR600m on its commercial vehicle business in Brazil over the next five years.

Toyota expanding Brazil plant for Yaris

6 Oct 2017 | Fernando Calmon

Contrary to a claim by Nikkei Asia Review, Toyota will not 'squeeze' their Sorocaba plant, in the state of Sao Paulo, to produce the Yaris alongside the current Etios hatchback and saloon subcompacts.

Brazilian VW Polo closest yet to Europe 'original'

2 Oct 2017 | Fernando Calmon

It's very rare for a completely redesigned car model made in Brazil to make its debut all but in sync with the European versions and launch.

Brazilian ethanol producers eye China with optimism

29 Sep 2017 | Fernando Calmon

Brazilian cane millers see opportunity in news China is considering increasing ethanol content in its petrol.

GM Brazil (more or less) details latest spending plans

29 Sep 2017 | Fernando Calmon

A spend of BRL3.1bn/US$1bn will complete investment previously announced by General Motors in its Brazilian manufacturing units.

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