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Continental opens its third R&D facility in Singapore

7 Jun 2018 | Graeme Roberts

Automotive supplier Continental has opened its third research and development (R&D) building in Singapore.

ABB teams with Volvo for bus Heavy Vehicle Chargers

15 Jan 2018 | Simon Warburton

ABB is teaming with Volvo to provide Heavy Vehicle Chargers (HVC) to deliver two autonomous electric buses to Singapore by the beginning of next year.

Singapore opens autonomous driving centre

23 Nov 2017 | Graeme Roberts

Singapore has officially opened the CETRAN (Centre of Excellence for Test and Research of Automomous Vehicles) dedicated to the development of self driving technology.

GM to cut back its Singapore regional HQ

25 May 2017 | Staff reporter

General Motors has said it plans to reduce the workforce at its Singapore regional headquarters by over 70% this year as part of a broader programme of cutbacks at its international operations.

nuTonomy and Groupe PSA announce autonomous cars partnership for Singapore

3 May 2017 | Chris Wright

nuTonomy and Groupe PSA have announced a strategic partnership to develop self-driving cars.

‘nuTonomy’ claims world first public trial of ‘robo-taxis’

26 Aug 2016 | Dave Leggett

A firm called nuTonomy, a developer of software for self-driving cars, has launched what it says is the first-ever public trial of a ‘robo-taxi’ service. The latest testing – which brings ride-hailing and driverless autonomous vehicles (AV) together - is ahead of the planned launch of a widely-available commercial robo-taxi service in Singapore in 2018.

Singapore teams with Delphi for autonomous testing

1 Aug 2016 | Simon Warburton

Delphi has been selected by the Singapore Land Transport Authority (LTA) as a partner to implement autonomous mobility concepts.

SINGAPORE: Yokohama Rubber sets up new subsidiary

18 May 2015 | Simon Warburton

Yokohama says it has established Yokohama Rubber Singapore, with the new subsidiary capitalised at US$20m - all equity capital from Yokohama Rubber - scheduled to begin full operations from mid-May.

SINGAPORE: Evonik expands Jurong Island oil additives plant

12 May 2015 | Simon Warburton

Evonik Industries says it has its significantly expanded the Jurong Island oil additives plant in Singapore after two years of engineering, planning and construction.

SINGAPORE: Electric car sharing trials planned

9 Dec 2014 | Staff reporter

Singapore has invited electric car manufacturers worldwide to take part in a trial of a major electric-car sharing scheme scheduled to start in early 2016.

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