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Future models for Groupe Renault's Dacia

3 May 2018 | Glenn Brooks

Following on from a look at the current and future models of the Renault brand plus Alpine, now comes an analysis of Dacia. Other brands under the Groupe Renault and Nissan Motor Alliance umbrella will also be examined as part of this series, including Samsung, Lada, Datsun, Venucia, Infiniti, Nissan and Mitsubishi.

EMERGING MARKETS ANALYSIS: The fascinating story of Romania’s ‘other’ automaker

25 Jun 2008 | Mark Bursa

Ford’s recently acquired Romanian plant has a tale to tell – only 25 years old, it’s changed hands five times already. And its original concept – a low-cost source point for small European cars – is commonplace today. But in the 1970s, this was a radical plan, writes Mark Bursa

EMERGING MARKETS ANALYSIS: Sandero drives Dacia growth as East European tastes shift westward

18 Jun 2008 | Mark Bursa

The view that Eastern Europe demands three-box sedans is changing, believes Dacia chairman Christian Esteve. New, younger buyers in the region are taking their tastes from the west. Mark Bursa reports.

EMERGING MARKETS ANALYSIS: How Dacia survived – and prospered

12 Jun 2008 | Mark Bursa

Mark Bursa looks back on how Dacia survived the post-Ceaucescu years and uncovers a story of resilience and determination that resonates strongly as the company goes global.

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Developer gets loan for Renault Romania HQ

22 Aug 2018 | Graeme Roberts

Globalworth, the biggest office developer and owner in Romania, has received a loan of EUR46m from BCR to finance the development of the Renault Bucharest Connected project, the new headquarters of Renault's operations in Romania.

Renault's Dacia, 50, eyes the future

25 Jun 2018 | Chris Wright

Dacia, the Renault Group's Romanian unit, is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, but has its sights set firmly on the future.

Dacia Sandero tops Europe private retail sales chart

25 Jun 2018 | Chris Wright

What car sold the most to private, retail customers across Europe last year? Would you believe the Dacia Sandero with more than a quarter of a million sales into that sector?

Bosch seeks AV testing in Romania

29 May 2018 | Dave Leggett

Local media reports in Romania say that Bosch is in talks with local authorities to get permission for testing autonomous cars on the streets of the Romanian city of Cluj-Napoca, near an engineering base it has set up.

Ford confirms 2nd vehicle for Romania plant

22 May 2018 | Dave Leggett

Ford has confirmed it is investing up to EUR200m and adding an additional 1,500 jobs to manufacture a second vehicle at its Craiova Assembly Plant, in Romania.

Ford starts European production of EcoSport SUV

12 Oct 2017 | Dave Leggett

Production of the revised and facelifted Ford EcoSport SUV has begun at Ford's Craiova, Romania, plant.

Novares opens first Romanian production plant

25 Sep 2017 | Simon Warburton

Novares has opened its first Romanian plant near Pitesti, producing automotive components using plastic injection techniques, days after rebranding from Mecaplast-Key.

GF Automotive acquires Eucasting Ro die casting

25 Aug 2017 | Simon Warburton

GF Automotive has acquired Eucasting Ro, a high pressure aluminium die casting specialist with two production sites in Romania.

Renault Dacia Romania plant back up and running

16 May 2017 | Graeme Roberts

The Dacia plant in Mioveni restarted production after dealing with the effects of last weekend's WannaCry cyber attack, the automaker said.

Romania 'cash for bangers' and EV/hybrid subsidies start this week

15 May 2017 | Graeme Roberts

Romania’ Cash for Bangers program, known locally as Rabla Clasic, as well as the Rabla Plus version for electric and hybrid cars, will start on 18 May for both individuals and companies, the environment minister Gratiela Gavrilescu said.

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